After Effects course | Nick Kennedy

Motion Graphic Designer | TVN Berlin

I visited the Creative Cabin in December 2014 and spent two days learning After Effects with Angie Taylor. I have been using After effects for just over 5 years, in that time I had read lots of training books and used lots of online training resources and was at a point where I felt my work wasn’t really progressing. Then I heard about the bespoke training at Creative Cabin.

Before my visit I was able to discuss with Angie what I wanted to learn, showed her examples of work that inspired me and I wanted to be able to achieve a similar standard. Angie really covered every aspect and more, not only helping me improve my daily workflow but also a massive amount of tips and tricks that you don’t find an any books or you tube videos. This is where Angie’s experience really comes into its own, being able to ask questions on a one to one basis (and ask again when I didn’t quite understand), means my understanding of the motion design process and After Effects has greatly increased.

Additional to the time spent training with angie, the creative cabin has the added advantage that in the evening I could continue practising the aspects learnt during the day and new questions, which inevitably arrise, were answered the next day.

It was a very intensive two days, which I would highly recomend to everyone, Angie is a great trainer, really patient, and I think its great how she enjoys sharing her vast knowledege, and of course her very beautful home. And she’s a great cook! I recomend the meal options that Angie offers, not only does it save time (which can be spent after effecting) Angies currys taste great too!

So six months after my visit to the Creative Cabin, I have been asked to do a complete re-design of all the packaging for a daily show. I think this really is a sign that not only have I notice the improvements to my work but my Clients have too! Its always worth investing in education and my visit to the Creative Cabin is paying off for me already. Thanks Angie

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