Make & sell cryptoart


In this course you’ll learn how to make and sell your art, sculpture, animation or design work as cryptoart.

The course is taught by well known cryptoartist, Angie Taylor – a motion graphic designer, author and illustrator with 25 years industry experience.

What we cover in this cryptoart training course.

I aim to get you up and running quickly as a crytoartist. In this course you’ll learn the following.

  • What is cryptoart?
  • Short history of blockchain art
  • Cryptoart websites and platforms
  • The Cryptoart community & social media
  • Installing wallet software
  • Hardware wallets
  • Buying cryptocurrecny
  • Uploading art to uncurated websites
  • Applying to curated cryptoart websites
  • Promoting your work as a cryptoartist
  • Showing your work in the metaverse

This is a 4 week course which costs £50.00 per week (including VAT)

Your Instructor - Angie Taylor

All courses are taught by artist, Angie Taylor. Angie worked as a motion graphic designer for over 25 years.

She was a demo artist for Adobe and is an Adobe Community Professional. You can see examples of Angie's work here on her portfolio.

Angie is a lecturer at the Univeristy of Brighton. She has taught children and adults at several colleges, schools and universities.

Angie has several books & courses  published on design & animation.

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