Lee Rushworth | Designer & Photographer

Both times I’ve visited the Creative Cabin have been really great experiences. I went there to learn the fundamentals of After Effects for motion graphics and animation and I came away having learnt an incredible amount and, most importantly, confident I could put it into practice.

Angie is an absolute legend. She was really interested in exactly what I wanted to learn and the kind of things I aspired to create. After Effects is vast but everything I learnt felt relevant and Angie put a lot of effort into tailoring the training to my needs. She’s really lovely, approachable and super knowledgeable.

We had a lot of fun practising character rigging (With DUIK)and Angie demystified things like Track Mattes, 3D cameras, and expressions. After Effects definitely feels much less intimidating.

On both of my visits I stayed overnight in the cabin which has a brilliant setup. For me, it was nice getting out of London and spending the time to really immerse myself in everything I was learning. The cabin is really comfortable and peaceful, views out to sea, and, should you wish, there’s the opportunity of practising the skills you’ve learnt during the day on the iMac.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Creative Cabin. It’s the best training experience I’ve had and I’m planning another visit this year.

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