1-2-1 online training

1-2-1 online training

COVID 19 Update

All bespoke 1-2-1 training courses to be taught remotely till further notice

During the current situation with coronavirus we have decided to provide all of our courses via secure online educational conferencing software till the situation is resolved. We hope to return to classroom training before long. But meanwhile we’ll run our courses using Adobe Connect software which is secure, extremely user-friendly and stable.

How will this training work?

Once your booking has been confirmed, you will receive an email from us inviting you to an Adobe Connect meeting. In order to commence the training you need only click on the link at the time and date specified to join the session. If you’d like to try out an Adobe Connect demo, please use this link.

We will be there waiting for you, ready to provide you with bespoke 1-2-1 training on your preferred application.

Easy to set up

It’s really easy to use Adobe connect.
All you need are the following;

  • A computer or laptop with the relevant software (either Mac and Windows – both are fine)
  • An integrated video camera (or an external one)
  • An integrated microphone
    Headphones or earphones that you can use on your computer
  • A reasonably fast, reliable internet connection (hard-wired ethernet is faster than wireless)
  • For the best experience we recommend a large monitor of 21″ or more. Smaller screens work almost as well but you may need to zoom in and out a bit more on those.
  • You should download Adobe Connect software before the your training commences. This will allow you to test your connection and computer before the training day.

So you see, it’s easy to carry out our bespoke training courses online. You can book by the hour – making it easier to fit around your busy schedule.

Images by janjf93 and Coffee Bean from Pixabay

Photoshop Training

Photoshop Training

Photoshop Training

You can choose from Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced courses in Photoshop. Or, pick and mix modules  to make up your own bespoke course. We offer remote, online training for individuals and groups.

About Your Trainer

Angie Taylor is the trainer for all courses taught at Creative Cabin. She has published several books & articles on motion graphic design. She is an Adobe Community Professional, contributing regularly to Adobe forums. She is a Linkedin learning instructor & teaches on MA Digital Media Arts at University of Brighton. 

Customer Reviews

Want to hear what our customers think of our courses? You can read reviews about our training courses here. We also have lots of five star reviews on Google or Facebook.

Photoshop training - in Brighton or remote

We teach all levels from beginner to advanced level Adobe Photoshop. Our Photoshop training courses are taught by a professional graphic designer with over 25 years experience.

Learning Photoshop is a great life-long skill to aquire. If you want qualifications, our course will help you to prepare for the Adobe authorisation exam. This course is taught by Adobe Community Expert, Angie Taylor.

Our Adobe Photoshop course in Brighton

Photoshop is the industry standard software for photo retouching, making marketing materials, creating concept art. Our practical courses can help you to create creative projects for your own portfolio. We will teach you a variety of techniques, tips and tools. Our bespoke, 1-2-1 Adobe Photoshop training course in Brighton is perfect for anyone looking to improve their skills.

Remote Online Courses

You can learn via our Adobe Photoshop training course right here in Brighton. Perhaps you’re not located in Brighton? Or maybe you prefer to carry out the Adobe Photoshop training in the comfort of your own home. In these situations, we can provide remote, online Adobe Photoshop training on a 1-2-1 basis.

We use web conferencing software to deliver the training to you. The software makes use of the webcam, microphone and screen sharing services. It’s a great way to deliver 1-2-1 Adobe Photoshop training or training to groups of your employees – without face-to-face contact. This is particularly important in this difficult time as many of us have to self-isolate due to the Corona virus.

1-2-1 bespoke courses

We will develop bespoke course content for you. This will help our delegates get to grips with the basic and advanced concepts of Adobe Photoshop. Our Adobe Photoshop training course in Brighton is a one-to one course. so there’s just you and the trainer at the desk. We can tailor the course content to help suit your learning needs.


Our tutor, Angie has over 25 years of industry practice as a graphic designer. We can offer flexible course times to fit in around your busy schedule. Most courses are held on Thursdays and Fridays but we can also discuss courses for the evening or on weekends. The online, remote Adobe Photoshop training course in Brighton is instructor-led. This Adobe Photoshop training course can be taken as a part-time evening course or taken over a long period, spread over weekends.



Your Instructor - Angie Taylor

All courses are taught by artist, Angie Taylor. Angie worked as a motion graphic designer for over 25 years.

She was a demo artist for Adobe and is an Adobe Community Professional. You can see examples of Angie's work here on her portfolio.

Angie is a lecturer at the Univeristy of Brighton. She has taught children and adults at several colleges, schools and universities.

Angie has several books & courses  published on design & animation.

What we cover in our Photoshop training

In this Adobe Photoshop training Angie Taylor shows just how easy it can be. You’ll tour the interface, gain an understanding of the workflow, and be introduced to core techniques. Angie will customize the course exactly to fit your needs.

All classes taught at the Creative Cabin are delivered on a one-to-one basis. This means it’s just you and Angie at the desk. You can ask questions whenever you want.  Angie will customise the course to fit your own needs.


How does the training work?

Angie will send you an evaluation form that takes a few minutes to complete.

This will give Angie an indication of the level of Photoshop training you require. She will customise the course to fit your own personal needs.

Evaluation form example

Photoshop Training modules

Photoshop Fundamentals

  • Navigating within the workspace
  • Bringing old photographs to life
  • Understanding different image formats and resolutions
  • Working nondestructively
  • Correcting badly shot images
  • Cloning and using Content aware to fill spaces
  • Applying dynamic adjustment layers
  • Working with selections and Quick Mask mode
  • Creating and formatting text
  • Drawing and painting with Photoshop
  • Saving files correctly for web delivery
  • Creating composite images with layers
  • Creating new images with the drawing and painting tools
  • Using the dodge and burn tools to focus interest or highlight areas of an image
  • The clone tool and healing brushes
  • Understanding layers and objects
  • Making selections
  • Adding effects to images
  • layer masks and transparency options
  • Combining layers with Blending modes

Photoshop Training modules

Photoshop Intermediate

  • Retouching photographs
  • Fixing images
  • Color correction and balancing
  • Formatting images for web, print or screens
  • Working with text and typography
  • Working with the Pen and Pencil tools
  • Tweaking, exporting, and saving artwork
  • Combining 3D elements in your images
  • Automating complex tasks with Actions
  • RGB, HLS and other color systems
  • Using RGB channels for color adjustment
  • Compositing images with alpha channels
  • Color spaces & color management in Photoshop
  • Retouching portraits
  • Nondestructive dodging and burning
  • Working with raw images in Camera Raw

Advanced Photoshop

Contact us for details

Art Courses For Kids

Art Courses For Kids

Art & design courses for children

Bespoke art, design, sculpture, 3D & animation tutoring for children.

Angie works as a mentor and tutor for kids of all ages & abilities.

Angie also has experience teaching people with special needs including Autism and ADHD.

To find out more please use the button below.

Contact Angie

Adobe Photoshop for kids

We teach several different art & design classes for kids. Our most popular course by far is our Photoshop courses for kids.

Graphic designers use special software like photoshop to achieve effective images an designs. The main goal of Photoshop course for kids  is to teach children how to enjoy creating images in easy and understandable way.

Drawing is a great way for kids to express themselves. It helps the to develop creative thinking and imagination.

Photoshop program is probably the most popular tool for editing images. In this course, your child will learn how to use and manipulate photographs. Basic editing, retouching and colour correcting of digital imagery.

The goal of this course is to kickstart your kid’s creative career at an early age. To help to equip them with the essential skills and knowledge for a career in the creative arts.

Your Instructor - Angie Taylor

All courses are taught by artist, Angie Taylor. Angie worked as a motion graphic designer for over 25 years.

She was a demo artist for Adobe and is an Adobe Community Professional. You can see examples of Angie's work here on her portfolio.

Angie is a lecturer at the Univeristy of Brighton. She has taught children and adults at several colleges, schools and universities.

Angie has several books & courses  published on design & animation.

Photoshop will help your kids to:

  • Learn the interface, shortcuts and basic function of photoshop
  • Understand how to work with layers
  • Import, combine and export images
  • Learn about color modes and traditional phtography terms
  • Learn to crop, color edit, sharpen and remove imperfections
  • Add type, selection technique and manipulate layer options.

Adobe Photoshop training topics:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Photoshop

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Navigate the Photoshop Workspace
  • Customize Photoshop
  • Lesson 2: Image adjustments
  • Adjustment layers to improve images
  • Image effects

Lesson 2: Managing Selections and Layers

  • Use Selection Tools
  • Manage Layers
  • Lesson 4: Making Composite Images
  • Repairing images and removing elements
  • combining different images together


Lesson 3: Drawing & Painting Images

  • Draw with Brushes
  • Create Gradients
  • Use Tool Presets

Lesson 4: Drawing Shapes with Vector  Tools

  • Create Images with Vector Paths
  • Use the Shape Drawing Tools
  • Work with Type
  • Type Special Effects

Lesson 5: Using Advanced Layer Techniques

  • Use Filters to Apply Special Effects
  • Apply Special Effects to Layers
  • Use Smart Objects for Non-destructive Editing

Lesson 06: Creating Animation & Video

  • Edit Video
  • Add Graphics, Titling, and Animations to Video
  • Make animated GIFs

Lesson 07: 3D

  • Learn how to import 3D Objects
  • Use Vanshing Point to fit them into a scene
  • Modify Images with Masks

Other subjects taught


Angie teaches drawing, painting and sculpture. she can teach using traditional materials. If your child prefers, she can teach digital drawing, painting and sculpture skills.


Angie teaches all types pf animation. Adobe Character Animator is a great place to start for any child wanting to get into animation or game design.

Art appreciation

Angie teaches children about the history of art and design. Using examples that kids can relate to, she brings the stories of art to life.

3D & Sculpture

Angie has an honours degree in Sculpture. She can teach children how to create 3D models & digital sculpture using intuitive 3D software. She also teaches VR art & sculpture techniques.

Problem solving

your Angie teaches practical skills for planning creative projects. She’ll teach children how to be inventive and to think outside the box.